Northern Ireland’s very own Christine Lampard made a shock admission recently. 

It’s hard to believe now with her impeccable and enviable raven locks, but when she was growing up, the seasoned presenter hated her natural curls so much that she begged her mum to iron them straight

Imagine the horror! 

Of course, we know Christine has since embraced her fabulous curls. 

And thankfully the poker straight style that was so on trend in the early 2000s has also been consigned to the fashion history books, with soft waves and texture the current go-to in hair salons. 

But what about those among us who are blessed with curly hair?  

As incredible as it can look, the struggle to achieve the perfect look without frizz can be real, so here are some tips to get the best out of your crowning glory. 

As already mentioned, curly hair is prone to becoming dry and frizzy. 

According to John Frieda’s hair team, this is because the natural oils from your scalp can’t easily travel along the bends and kinks of curly hair. 

As a result, they recommend washing your hair less frequently to allow curls to retain moisture, which will help them to stay softer, smoother and healthier. 

And an important note is to try to use shampoo specifically designed for curly hair. 

Just as you wouldn’t use a shampoo for greasy hair if you’re prone to an oily scalp, it makes sense to pick a shampoo you know will bring out the best in your curls. 

Just as using a specially-designed shampoo is an important factor, so too is the brush you use. 

Due to the structure of curly hair, it tends to be drier and more brittle than other types so dragging a normal hairbrush through it will result in more damage than good. 

Go for a detangling brush or a wide tooth comb instead of a standard brush when you want to get your curls under control. 

We’re sorry to bang on about it, but curly hair does tend to be drier and this is why taking steps to restore moisture to your locks is so important. 

Don’t just rely on your condition to do all the work. 

Remember to use leave-in conditioners, use heat protection products if you do use a blow dryer or heat tool. 

And don’t forget deep conditioning hair masks – use them on a weekly basis to restore the moisture and help repair surface damage to your hair. 

There are a number of techniques that can help you restore life to your hair without resorting to a diffuser or curling iron. 

Scrunching is a fantastic and easy way to get the bounce back without damaging the health of your hair. 

Use a mousse, cream or gel designed specifically for curly hair, grab your hair in your hand and scrunch it from the tips upwards. 

Alternatively, use a sea salt spray to add texture to your hair without drying it out. 

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