The release of baby names from 2022 have revealed just how embedded Kim Kardashian has become in popular culture.

Less than a decade after the queen of social media welcomed daughter North into the world with ex-husband Kanye West, the unusual moniker has been chosen for a baby girl in Northern Ireland.

The name raised eyebrows at the time – not least because her surname made everyone think of a compass!

However, it has since been revealed Kim was inspired to go for North following a conversation with Jay Leno, while it has also been explained by momager Kris Jenner that the name means ‘higher power’.

Going back to Northern Ireland, last year also saw a trend of fairy-tale inspired names, with a whole host of Disney classics seemingly inspiring parents when naming their new arrival.

For girls, these included Aurora, Anastasia, Merida, Jasmine and Belle, while The Little Mermaid appears to have been at the forefront when it came to naming some baby boys, with Sebastian and Eric making an appearance on the list.

Rome, Vienna, Brooklyn, Dallas and India were some of the place names given to babies whose births were registered in 2022.

Nature also inspired some of the more unusual names, with Meadow, Ocean, Bear, River, Forest, Birdie, Raven, Wren and Storm making their way onto the list.

King, Great and Art is also included in the more unusual names, as did Tigerlily, Croia, Cairo, Morocco and Adelaide.

There were 22 names in 2022 that consisted of at least 11 letters and the longest name given was Chrisovalantou – which is undoubtedly going to confuse some teachers in the future.

Interestingly, the statistics have also revealed the most popular names according to the age of the parents.

For those under 20, the most popular names were Theo, Noah, Tommy, Mason, Aria and Neveah, while for parents over 40 the most popular names were James, Luke, Jack Daniel, Emily and Isla.

It has also highlighted changing trends over the decades – Emma, Claire, Laura, Lisa, Sarah, David, Christopher, Paul, John and Stephen were the most popular names in 1982.

None of these names featured in the top 10 boys or girls’ names in 2022 – so if you’re looking for a less common but more traditional name for your expected little one, they may be the way to go.