Did you know today is International Kissing Day?
Whether it’s a peck on the cheek or a full-on snog, today is the day to pucker up and get kissing.
With this in mind, we have caught up with the fabulous Lyndsay Maurice from Dollypond Makeup Studio to pick her brains and find out how to make our lips as kissable as possible!


Q: Are there any lipsticks which stay in place all day?
A: It’s probably not realistic to expect a lipstick to stay on all day, especially if eating, drinking or kissing!
Making sure your lips are well hydrated and exfoliated can really help your lip products to last longer.
Giving your lips a brush with a soft toothbrush can help exfoliate them and products such as Mac Prep & Prime can help with dry skin on the lips.
I love to apply Lanolips Lip Balm to clients while doing the rest of their makeup to make sure the lips are ready for products.
Just don’t forget to remove any excess before applying lipliner or lipstick or it may slide straight off!

Q: What are the longest lasting lipstick brands?
A: Matt lipsticks can last longer than satin finish or gloss lipsticks, however, long lasting formulas can sometimes feel drying and uncomfortable.
The Maybelline Superstay Lip paints have incredible staying power but can feel a little drying, particularly if, like myself, you have naturally dry lips.
I tend to dab them lightly on with my finger rather than use a heavy layer. You can use a lip gloss or balm over the top to prevent the lips from feeling too dry.
In terms of a bold lip, I value a lipstick which wears off as well as it goes on.
I find Tom Ford lipsticks tend to wear off evenly across the lips so it’s easier to top up. My favourite is Wild Ginger, a beautiful orangey red.
It won’t stay on all day, but it doesn’t go patchy as it wears off.

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Q: Do you recommend any lip stains?
A: The main problem with a product which promises to stain your lips over a period of time is that they may be drying.
If you do use one, such as the Benetint Rose Lip and Cheek Stain, I would recommend applying in a light layer and using your finger to tap it on.
You could always use a similar toned lip liner to be more precise around the edges or use without liner for a more smudged relaxed finish.

Q: What are the must have colours for this season?
A: A fabulous nude lipstick will always be in fashion and it can feel like the holy grail trying to find the perfect one!
My advice is to really look at your own lip colour and choose a colour that falls within one or two shades of it. The result should be an enhancement of your own natural lip tone.
I love Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude Lipliner, it goes with so many nude lip colours and can really enhance the natural lip shape without adding too much colour.
I love Doll Beauty Double Booked for a matt pinky nude with good staying power.
For summer I love a fresh orangey red or coral, such as Bobbi Brown Sweet Coral.
And mauve tones are popular this year – I love Tom Ford Casablanca for a soft pinky mauve.

Q: What about lip colours for brides?
A: For brides, I love a fresh, healthy rosy pink. My focus for brides is to make the lips look as hydrated, fresh and kissable as possible!
I love Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk 2 Lipliner with Yves St Laurent Ambiguous Beige Matt Lipstick.
Then a little spotlight of Fenty Beauty Gloss in Fussy or a slick of Chanel Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Delight just to give the lips a lovely, hydrated look and feel.
I love to teach brides (or bridesmaids!) how to reapply the lip combination so it can be easily topped up throughout the day.

Q: Is there anything we can do to protect our lips and improve the staying power of lipsticks?
A: Prepping our skin for face makeup is so important in terms of how fresh it looks and how long it lasts. Lips are no different.
Lip products will not sit well or last for a long time on dry, cracked lips. So just remember, if you’re wearing lip products, give your lips a little bit of attention first!
While you’re putting on the rest of your makeup, add a lip scrub and lip balm – your lips will love you for it!
Similar to the rest of your makeup, using light layers of lip product may help them last better than one heavy layer.
If you want your lip products to last for a night out or a wedding event, try prepping the lips, then follow up with applying lip liner all over your lips.
Add a light layer of matt lipstick, dab a long-lasting lip paint on with your finger and finish with a little bit of hydrating lip balm or gloss for comfort.