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When Co Down woman Tracey McKay embarked on her business venture, now known as The Hidden Treasure Trove, she realised that painting was going to overtake the passion she previously had for floristry.

Tracey created many pieces of handcrafted furniture in the first few months of this brand new adventure and whilst she derived great pleasure from her unique creations, the customers were thrilled with the pieces they could buy or commission after discussing their own vision for a ‘one of a kind’ work of art.

Tracey’s work has since travelled across the whole of Ireland and even as far as Poland.

This very successful business had its humble beginnings in a small shed. However, with Tracey’s drive and ambition, she has developed it into a complex with a spacious showroom and a studio at Annaclone, where she upcycles furniture and manages her business, all while juggling the many commitments that come with raising a young family.

And the spacious and comfortable studio is now available for classes in painting and upcycling of furniture using many different techniques.

Tracey says she is more than happy to teach others and pass on her skills to those who are willing to learn.

She says: “l’ve always been passionate about art and design, and I’ve been artistic since I could hold a paintbrush. I studied Art to A-level and then furthered my interest by doing a degree in interior design.

“My initial business plan was to open a florists where I could create fabulous floral arrangements for weddings, corporate functions and the usual occasions that attract business for florists, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and more.

“However, whilst I enjoyed the floristry, the passion for painting and working with furniture surpassed any previous interest I had in working with flowers.

“I still really enjoy working with nature and I love the challenges that are presented in creating floral arrangements for church pews and wedding breakfast tables.

“And I do commissioned work for hotels, salons and homes as well,” adds Tracey, showing just how busy her business has become.

Even though she says she is out in the sticks, where there is no passing traffic or footfall, people make their way out to see her and and are happy to make the journey to the shop.

“We are surrounded by beautiful countryside, and I believe people enjoy finding us,” Tracey tells Local Women.

The Hidden Treasure Trove might have been a hidden gem, but people were quick to discover it and fall in love with it.

So, life is extremely busy for Tracey as she strives to keep up with the commissions and keep the shop well stocked to maintain the customer’s interest, and the artist tells us there’s more to come.

Tracey shares that it won’t be long until ‘Paint and Sip’ style classes are on offer: “Myself and a well-known artist, are starting art classes for hen parties and groups where they can bring their own bottle and sip while they paint.”

So, whether you’re a group looking for some fun, or someone wanting to upcycle an item you love, The Hidden Treasure Trove has a class for you.

And Tracey tells us: “A local man who has terminal cancer wants me to make a piece for him that he will put up for auction to raise money for a cancer charity.

“It’s good to be able to help people here, so I am honoured when I’m asked to be part of something like that. It’s so special.’

If you want to see more of what Tracey offers, visit www.thehiddentreasuretrove.com, where you can start shopping or contact Tracey about a commission.

You can visit the shop and studio at 33 Cavehill Lane, Annaclone, Banbridge, if you want to pick up a paintbrush or find furniture to fall in love with.