Heart warrior Dáithí Mac Gabhann is back on the transplant waiting list in a development described by his family as “the news we’ve all been waiting for”.

Six-year-old Dáithí has captured the hearts of people across Northern Ireland with his eternal infectious smile, despite ongoing invasive treatments for his life-threatening heart condition.

Dáithí faced a devastating setback in the hope he will receive a life-saving heart transplant when he was temporarily removed from the active waiting list in June after he developed health issues.

He had to undergo cardiac surgery at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne, meaning he missed a dream trip to Disneyland Paris, as he recovered from the operation.

However, his family has revealed the west Belfast youngster has since enjoyed his dream holiday – and he has also received some fantastic news.

Posting on Donate4Dáithí, they said: “Hands in the air if you’ve got big news!

“Dáithí has brought a little magic of hope home from Paris, with the news we’ve all been waiting for. Dáithí is back and active on the transplant waiting list!”

In June, new legislation was introduced in Northern Ireland which means all adults are assumed to be potential organ donors unless they have specifically opted out or are in an exempt group.

The intent of the legislation is to increase the number of organs available to people in need of transplant.

Known as Dáithí’s Law, it came about as a direct result of a ferocious campaign led by the youngster’s parents, Máirtín and Seph, to change the way consent is granted for organ donation.