Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy have revealed why they no longer perform live at the start of the week. 

The Boyzone and Westlife singers – who have come together to form Boyzlife – are preparing for their upcoming tour which will take in the likes of Liverpool, Cardiff and Naas. 

But Keith has said they won’t take to the stage on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because the crowd isn’t lively enough. 

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he says: “What we’ve done on this tour, because we realised on the last tour, there was a difference from night to night, there was a difference in the atmosphere in the audience on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. 

“It was quite calm, it was a school night – Thursday, Friday, Saturday it was electric so we’re touring but we’re not doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  

“We’re only doing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the odd Sunday.”  

It’s clear the pair love interacting with their fans and they have also been impressed by their broad appeal. 

This includes husbands “dragged along” by their wives, while Brian also revealed there was almost a century between their youngest and oldest fans at one concert. 

“There’s a huge mix,” he says. 

“You’ve got a lot of people who were Boyzone fans and they would have been teenagers when Boyzone came out, and the same for the Westlife fans. 

“But you see a new group of people that have come along which are like kids of the fans that were teenagers when we were out and people that love Coronation Street and people that love all of the things that we do, so you kind of see this vast range of people. 

“I remember one night we did a meet and greet two people – the first girl that came along she was seven-years-old. 

“She was our youngest fan and she had all the Boyzlife t-shirts on and the next lady, she was celebrating her 90th birthday so she bought herself a ticket. 

“They were both sitting in the front row and you’ve got this 90-year-old on her zimmer frame giving it all the dance moves and this little seven-year-old girl singing all the songs.” 

And speaking about the playful dynamic he shares with Brian, Keith says: “It’s a great show, we have great fun on stage. We never know from night to night what we’re going to get up to. 

“We have a structure to the show where we do everyone’s favourite Westlife songs and Boyzone songs. 

“Brian and I, we’re unpredictable, so we have to stick to the structure of the songs but what goes on, sometimes I don’t know where he’s gone and depending on the theatre we’re in, I just see Brian up in the royal box sitting in someone’s lap.”